Basement Finishing

The basement is arguably the lowest room in your house, but Renovations by Wine can help you to hold it to higher standards with our top-notch basement finishing services. We can help you add a stylish space downstairs for any purpose. From adding valuable storage to adding an aesthetically appealing finish to your basement, Renovations by Wine can let you get it all.

The days of dingy and dark basements have gone away. With new trends and techniques, we can help you create anything you want underground. So, this is the time to reimagine your basement and get it to look as you want. We can help you divide the space into aesthetically appealing areas where you can enjoy watching games in style or plan friends’ meet-ups with fun.

Throughout the basement finishing process, we can bring enjoyment and confidence. As you can see, your dark and dingy basement is turning into the beautiful place you have dreamed about. With Renovations by Wine, you always have a project manager assisting throughout your basement finishing project to keep you well-satisfied.

Fences and Decks

Whether you need to renovate your fences or decking or want to repair the existing one, Renovations by Wine can be your best choice. We provide high-quality fences and deck renovation at a very reasonable price range. We have been serving residential clients for years for fence and deck repair and renovation.

Renovations by Wine have been working with all aspects of fences and decking, renovating and installing high-quality panels to decorate your place beautifully. Our all-weather fences and deck solutions are meant to last for years with minimal maintenance.

We have earned our reputation throughout the years with the quality and reliability of our fences and deck work. Therefore, we are highly confident that you will love all the fences and deck renovation work we do for you. You can look at our projects portfolio to determine the level of fences, deck renovation, and repair work we perform.

However, if you want to discover more about our fast and efficient fences and deck services, contact Renovations by Wine for further details.

Full Home Renovation

Whether you feel it’s time to change your home style to suit your new lifestyle or update your home’s design to make it look refreshing, finding the best full home Renovation Company is the first step. By having Renovations by Wine by your side, you no longer need to worry about the quality and aesthetics of your home renovation.

We know all the ins and outs of full home renovation services through our years of experience. Therefore, experts at Renovations by Wine are always dedicated to making your full home renovation the best you deserve. Our expert home renovation experts can plan all the necessary changes your place requires with you. We keep you updated about every step we take to let you know what’s happening.

We can help you with everything from finding the best full home renovation ideas to adding curb appeal to your place by building a driveway or front porch per your home’s needs and preferences. We can help you to enhance the functionality of your overall house.


We understand that the kitchen is the soul of every house. Renovations by Wine can help you to give your kitchen an inspiring lift. We are here to help you to build the kitchen you want for your family. We provide full-service kitchen renovation services. Renovations by Wine can take care of your kitchen renovation project from beginning to finish. From cabinets and counters to appliances and accessories, we will help you put everything together beautifully.

Whether you want to repair your damaged cabinets, want to update your counterparts, or planning to knock down your walls, we are always ready to help you bring a new life to your kitchen. Contact our kitchen renovation services and connect with our experts to submit your project request. Our experts are always here to assist with your kitchen renovation needs.

You can discuss your requirements and needs without any hassle. Our entire kitchen workmanship is backed by years of warranties. Not only this, but you can also enjoy the convenience and confidence that comes with our kitchen renovation services.


Washrooms serve as smaller rooms in the home where many things happen, from showering to personal care. A beautifully decorated and well-maintained washroom can greatly impact your daily use. It also plays a vital role if you want to sell your house for top dollar. Renovations by Wine can give all your washroom renovation ideas life. We have the experience, skills, and resources to help you make a dream washroom within your required timeline.

Hiring the best washroom remodeler is always the key to protecting your investment. Renovations by Wine can guide you through your washrooms renovation project to ensure that everything we get done here is up to the mark. Our washroom renovation experts can let you make the most of every dollar spent on this project.

We can handle every aspect of the washroom renovation. From choosing the right floor material and design to sorting the best vanity size and selecting the best lighting, we can manage it all for you. Regardless of your washroom renovation project’s size and type, our experts are always here to serve your needs in the best possible way.


Do you want to renovate your home completely? Contact our experienced and qualified to let them walk through your place. Renovations by Wine can let you identify the underutilized places that need renovations. Our experts can also offer suggestions on enhancing your place in the best possible way.

We have extensive experience in renovation and remodeling. We can better help you understand your home’s potential and optimal renovation possibilities. We are a highly trusted renovation company with an eye on every detail. Before beginning your renovation project, we always work closely with our clients to understand their vision completely. This practice helps us understand what you want to achieve with this renovation. Consequently, we always go the extra mile to provide results beyond expectations.

We understand that every renovation project has its unique needs. So, whenever you are hiring Renovations by Wine, we always provide custom renovation plans for all our clients.

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